Barbara Haber

Speaker on Food History and Food Writing

Barbara Haber has been a popular speaker on public and commercial radio and television, and for a wide variety of public-service and professional organizations. These include book clubs, volunteer groups, schools such as Wesleyan University and the University of Illinois, and health and nutrition organizations such as the Oldways Preservation and Trust and the American Dietetics Association. She has also served on food-study panel discussions at IACP awards ceremonies in New York and Dallas, and at Gourmet Voice awards ceremonies in Cannes, as well on professional food-writing panels at Boston University and Greenbrier conferences in Virginia.

Her speaking topics range from subjects in her books, including American women and the food they prepare during the Civil War, the opening of the West, the age of reform, and World War II and its aftermath, to the colorful people who have historically determined what we eat in this country – food innovators and diet promoters and those who cooked to survive and succeeded as entrepreneurs and restaurateurs.  What cookbooks tell us about ourselves and our past has also been the subject of Barbara Haber’s most well-received talks.